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SWN Direct lets you deliver secure text and voice alerts straight to a mobile app. It’s easy, reliable and cost-effective.

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Text alerts are encrypted and formattable. Messages can have 2000 characters and graphics. Alerts can even “vanish” after reading.

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  • Jul 28 2015

    Don’t Forget Your Suppliers When Sending Emergency Notifications During a Business Disruption

    ​If you utilize an emergency notification service for business continuity, you’ve likely spent a great deal of time carefully considering your methods for communicating with internal employees and response teams during a critical event. However, have you paid careful attention to your process for communicating with external stakeholders—suppliers in particular?

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  • Jul 15 2015

    Do You Need More Exercise?

    ​Exercising is a great practice for improving your physical health. It’s also a great practice for improving the health of your critical communications program. Many organizations conduct business resilience drills. However, some bypass using their notification systems to their fullest extent during these “practice” events. Here’s what you should do instead.

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  • Jul 09 2015

    The Shark Week Effect and Business Continuity

    ​It’s Shark Week. The one week each year where millions of people tune in to learn about one of the planet’s most feared predators. It’s the one week we mix fear with reverence for the magnificence of this creature. In a timely coincidence, major news outlets have also reported on a surge in shark activity and attacks along U.S. coastlines. So what does all of this shark mania have to do with business resilience?

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  • Jul 08 2015

    Teleworking as a Business Continuity Strategy (and How Mass Notification Can Help)

    ​Enabling employees to work from home (“teleworking”) during a critical event is a business resilience practice being adopted or contemplated by many companies. Today’s mobile technologies make teleworking feasible, and it’s an appealing idea that workers, who can’t be present due to weather or other circumstances, can continue being productive from their homes. However, making this a practical strategy requires solid planning, clear policies, and excellent communication.

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Press Releases

  • Send Word Now Announces Release of New User Interface for its Award-Winning Mass Notification Service

    JULY 27, 2015 – Send Word Now's latest mass notification software release enhances the customer experience while expanding administrative capabilities, including multi-byte language localization, a new dashboard and other features.

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  • Leading U.S. Healthcare Providers Choose Send Word Now for Mass Notification

    JULY 24, 2015 – Send Word Now, the worldwide leader in enterprise communications, including emergency notification and mobile collaboration, announced today contract agreements with several top healthcare organizations in Q2 2015. New agreements were signed with Scripps Health, SSM Health and South Shore Medical, among others.

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  • Send Word Now Wins Continuity, Insurance & Risk (CIR) Magazine's Cloud Services Provider of the Year Award

    June 16, 2015 – Continuity Insurance & Risk (CIR) Magazine Recognizes Send Word Now as Industry’s Top Online Business Continuity Service for 2015

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