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Warn and protect those in harm’s way with real-time, location-based weather notifications

Weather is unpredictable. The impact of a severe weather incident can have sweeping effects on your business and, more importantly, your employees. But you don’t always have the luxury of time to create a weather-related alert, so what can you do?

Send Word Now’s WeatherBlast® automatically generates and delivers notifications as severe weather patterns are detected—within five square miles. Recipients have more time to initiate severe weather protocols, protecting themselves and your business.

WeatherBlast delivers precisely targeted, customized messages to a number of modalities, including phone (landline and wireless), email and SMS. Your recipients can even choose to receive only those weather-related alerts that are relevant to their location and role.

What You Can Do

With Send Word Now's WeatherBlast you can:

  • Trigger automatic alerts with no human intervention
  • Customize call-to-action messages (e.g., “take shelter” or “secure the building”)
  • Create multiple user profiles and select relevant weather alerts
  • Deliver early warning notifications
  • Initiate severe weather protocols

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